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Lori Rankin has tried over 50 criminal cases to juries during the 23 years she has been practicing law, including cases involving murder, felonious assault, aggravated robbery and other serious felonies, as well as misdemeanors such as OVI/DUI and domestic violence. Lori has also tried many custody and divorce matters, handled adoptions,and has also argued cases in several courts of appeals, including the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Most cases do not proceed to trial because they are worked out by negotiation. Having an experienced trial attorney can make a difference in how your case is negotiated or settled. No matter whether your case is settled or goes to trial, Lori will fight to protect your rights and your interests.

A few cases Lori has handled:

State v. Bret Henry, Fayette County Case No. CR 2017 0174, 1 count of Endangering Children, a third degree felony, involving a lawn mower accident and small child. Co-defendant was convicted; the jury hung 6-6 on the client's charge, which the State ultimately dismissed.

State v. David Rutter, Ross County Case Number 14 CR 313, 2 counts of felonious assault with firearm and peace officer specifications, tried to a jury June 22-26, 2015. Client found not guilty on the felony counts and guilty on the lesser, misdemeanor offenses of aggravated menacing.

State v. Kendrick Young, Ross County Case Number 14 CR 464, complicity to aggravated robbery. Client found not guilty by a jury.

State v. Harry Duffield, Ross County Case Number 09 CR 186, 3 counts of felonious assault with firearm specifications. Jury found client not guilty on all counts.

State v. Logan Murphy, Ross County Case Number 13 CR 183, aggravated murder case tried to a jury with a not guilty by reason of insanity defense which did not prevail.

State v. Danny Gee, Ross County Case Number 09 CR 90, 2 counts of complicity to aggravated murder and 1 count of complicity to aggravated robbery. Pursuant to a negotiated plea agreement, the murder charges were dismissed and client received 8 years on the aggravated robbery charge.